• Paddles
    Standard & Performance Paddles, Paddle Leashes

  • Vests And Skirts
    Personal Flotation Devices, Spray Skirts.

  • Tuck And Cover
    Cockpit Cover, Deck Bags, Hatch Bags, Foam Seat Cover.

  • Strap It Up
    Cartop Carriers, Kayak Carts, Boat Hangers, Knee Straps, Touring Seat.

  • More Gear
    Kayak Sail, Fishing Rod Holder, Paddle Clips, Folding Anchor, Bimini Top, Deck Rigging.
  • Embroidered Clothing & Paddling Wear
    T-Shirts, Golf Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Wind Shirts, Paddling Splash Jacket, Nylon Jacket, Hats, Pogies.


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